Sébastien and his team cook simply delicious meals, prepared with fresh products of the region.

When Sébastien goes to the market and buys the ingredients, his first thoughts are for you. He thinks about what you would appreciate in this season and he thinks about new flavours and creations you would like to discover.

« It’s already 5 years that I am here and I am delighted that our guests are coming back, because they like my cuisine. I always enjoy cooking for you ! I am especially happy to elaborate special fish dishes. But I also love to concoct stews, tasty dishes and meat in sauce. It reminds me home made food and family meals.
I hope to see you soon again. »

Sébastien, Restaurantchef of the Hildeboldus


Having a break in the Hildeboldus is at the same time the opportunity to get knowing the region itself, thanks to the large choice of excellent products coming from a long-lasting and ecologically responsible farming and breeding. The Hildeboldus wants to honour the products and the producers and we find it’s a real chance to have this opportunity.

The fruit-farm “Les Vergers”, Le Mesnil-Jourdain (27)
« Les Vergers » is situated in Mesnil Jourdain. Isabelle Carpentier Bareix manages the family farm since 1984. The fruits are sold directly from the farm or customers can pick their own. Depending on the seasons, there grow apples, pears and several red berries. There are also bee hives among the trees. The welcome at the fruit-farm was as excellent as the fruits you can buy from Isabelle. It’s a deal ! The fruit-farm « Les Vergers » supplies our restaurant with apples, pears and cottage apple juice.

The gardens in Neustrie, Val-de-Reuil (27)
We admire the commitment and devotion put into practice to run these gardens., day for day. They contribute to the well being of the society, because they belong to the social integration network Cocagne. During the whole year, here grow organic vegetables. We learned a lot during our visit and we are convinced. And the most important of all, we have found a new market garden in the region!

The bakery Mayzaud, Houdonville (27)
Max Mayzaud, recognized baker since 1990, provides the Restaurant Hildeboldus with bread and Viennese bread and buns .
All you see in this greedy paradise is home made. Two slogans : constant quality and most of the ingredients are local. Therefor both of our houses are almost made to work together in a good agreement.
To enhance this agreement, on our request the bakery Mayzaud has created a special recipe for Hildebold and we are happy about our particular « Fallue » the famous brioche of Normandy. Merci Monsieur Mayzaud !