A must for a well deserved break.

You find all, side by side : hot and cold drinks, travellers and employees working in the area, all together.

This is also the room allowing great atmosphere on days when special events take place, and even on other days…

Evenings with important games, dart contests, short challenges and the sitting room gets lively.

Please let us know via our account Facebook or Twitter about the events taking place all year round.


« Continental » Breakfast at 5,50€

Hot drink
Viennese bread or buns or baguette with butter and jam


Morning menu at 7,40 €
from 7h00 to 11h00 am

Croque-Monsieur, Bruschettas, Sandwich

+ 1 Drink


It’s for you, when you stop by in Hildeboldus on your long journey : please feel free to use the possibilities we offer you to get refreshed.

The showers, always clean (this is one of our priorities) as well as some essential products for your body care are waiting for you. You are like at home.