As soon as you come in, we are there. Hildeboldus. Home sweet home.
Our home is also a little bit at home for you.
We are really happy to be able to receive you.
Come into the kitchen, take a sit in the dining-room.
This morning, Sébastien has been to the market buying fresh vegetables for you, from his favourite market gardener. They know each other quite well. Neighbours from Louviers.
You will love his special dish of the day.
Today’s special. Real specials for every day.
From the kitchen into the living room ; here is no place for fuss, it’s the place for conviviality, here is no ostentation, it’s a place for comfortable cocooning.
Speaking about living room. Imagine you sitting peacefully in a sofa, while sipping a cup of coffee and watching the news, enjoying a fortifying bite or, watching a match in the company of a group unknown fans, followers for one evening.
There is no doubt, that you will start off again refreshed and reloaded with new strength and we hope, that you will come back very soon to visit us.
When you stop by to get a brake in Hildeboldus, we will wish you a warm welcome.
Welcome home..


In cooperation with the community of the towns and villages in the area (Communauté d’Agglomération) Seine-Eure we act for a catering that makes sense in view of the economic aspects as well as in view of the protection of our planet. And of course, the food is delicious.
For that reason, we prefer use local products and regularly we organize special events to present our producers and their products to our guests, who really do appreciate.
Thanks to the job-center CASE we have given our preference to local staff, people who live in the region for long time already or ever since.
We believe in the future of the youth from this area. For this reason all our trainees are coming from specialized schools from the region.
It’s important for us to contribute limiting food waste. Therefor we put appropriate packages to be on your disposal to take away the leftovers, if you have not finished your dish.
These are only some of the commitments who are important to us. Come in to see us and share lunch or dinner and you will discover much more !
Until then, meet our producers by clicking here